MsMk 7 inch Small Egg Nonstick Frying Pan with Lid, Eggs Omelette Burnt also Non stick, Scratch-resistant, Induction Skillet,

Brand MsMk
Material Aluminum
Special Feature Gas Stovetop Compatible, Electric Stovetop Compatible, Induction Stovetop Compatible, Manual, Programmable See more
Color Hard Anodized Grey
Capacity 7 Inches

  • Professional heat distribution: 4mm-thick smooth stainless steel bottom & omelet pan pan design with thick mouth and thin body allow for more even heat distribution
  • Anti-scalding & comfortable handle: Stay cool. No pain to grip, no effort to lift due to its weight-saving design & no slips surface
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: DESIGN IN USA with imported components, we stand behind our this small frying pan and offer a 100% replacement policy for free if any issues arise due to the product’s manufacturing or material defects. You can trust that each item has been carefully crafted to meet our high standards and will provide long-lasting value
  • Compatible with all cooktops: Heavy-gauge 4mm Stainless-steel bottom design of this 7 inch skillet for egg makes the inductive heating speed 15% faster than the same heavy-duty cookware, smooth No Hole bottom is designed to avoid scratching up the glass stove top
  • Five-layer Limestone coating design for durable and stable : Lasts for 20 years with 5 times of frying eggs every day, the 7” small frying pan with lid is non stick even when scorched, scratch-resistant, crush-resistant, peeling-resistant and high-temperature resistance
  • Easier to store: Small non stick fry pans are much easier to store in kitchen cabinets and drawers than larger ones
  • 700°F for oven safety: The msmk egg small non stick pan is No PFOA design at high temperatures
  • Scratch-resistant: the omelette pan with lid body is resistant to scratches from hardwood spatula at 700℉ Lid of shatterproof tempered glass
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From the brand

Product Description

msmk cookware

Our durable and stable design can improve the cooking experience for chefs who have purchased cheap pans that are terrible in use.

There’s always room for improvement in cookware – that’s the fundamental idea behind MSMK. Many of the cookware we use in our daily lives is so fragile that we take it for granted that we have to replace them often.

Heat, cook & clean. We’ve found ways to extend the life of these non-stick products. We call our products high-end, non-stick and durable cookware.


msmk frying pan with lidgrilled cheese sandwich


Rapid heating induction

The unique bottom design makes the inductive heating speed 15% faster than the same heavy-duty pots and pans, suitable for all stoves.

Professional heat distribution

4mm-thick smooth stainless steel bottom & pot design with thick mouth and thin body allow for more even heat distribution.


The pot body is resistant to scratches from hardwood spatula at 700℉.


The hollow design of the stainless steel handle can relieve weight, reduce heat transfer and maintain balance. The elongated and ergonomic design makes it painless to grip and effortless to lift, while the stainless steel material and rivet structure can make the handle not break after bearing the weight.

glass lid

If you suffer from Slow Melting Syndrome, this tip is going to change everything.

Slow Melting Syndrome is when outer crust perfection is achieved before the sandwiched cheese has adequately melted.

By covering the pan with a lid, you concentrate the heat and coerce the cheese into melting a little more quickly. The bread, in contact with the hot pan, toasts at the same rate. To avoid any potential sogginess from steam trapped under the lid, I leave the top off the sandwich, cover the pan until the cheese is melted, then add the top and finish the sandwich as usual, uncovered. Works like a charm.

saucepan oven safe


dishwash safe

700°F for oven safety

No PFOA design at high temperatures.

Crash-resistant packaging design

With cushion structure design, the product can be delivered to you safely after withstanding the transit.

Safe dishwasher

Peeling-resistant design for dishwasher’s coating when used for a long time.


History of MSMK Cookware

MSMK originated in the USA in 1987. MSMK was initially one of the leading product R & D centers in the USA, specializing in the design of high-end kitchen utensils. We sell 7 million cookware to the USA and Europe every year. In the past 30 years, MSMK has been continuously developing kitchen utensils to improve the health, non-stick and durability of kitchenware. It has passed the inspection of FDA in the USA and Germany TUV Rhine food safety standard. We have provided the healthiest cookware for every family who loves food and life, your satisfaction is our greatest fun

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